About the Author & Illustrator


Geoff Woodley likes coffee a lot.
All too familiar with brewing coffee poorly at home, he's spent the past few years observing how to help people improve on the average cup.

As a 2-time Central Canadian Barista Champion and now Green Buyer and Head Roaster at Detour Coffee, he's spent more time testing coffee than he'd recommend.

However, this passion for coffee, and 6 years in the industry, has taught  him a thing or two and he's excited to share this book to help those who are also struggling with that "less than I was expecting..." cup of coffee. 



Phil is a curious guy.
He is a product designer with an eye for clever, thoughtful ideas - and likes turning them into familiar and charming experiences.

He's from Vancouver, went to school in Ottawa, and now works in Toronto on projects like Little Robot Friends.

He drinks a fair amount of coffee already and needs to be cautious now that he's worked on this book.