Coffee brewers range from the most simple and ubiquitous design of the French Press to the technology-driven new electric brewers like the Svart Precision from Norway. Both make great coffee so it's up to you to decide exactly what you're looking for.
With any of the brewers below, in tandem with the proper grind, anyone can make great coffee at home.
Below are some of the best home coffee makers available.

Manual Brewers

Hario V60 #2 - my favourite and go-to brewer.
French Press - one of, if not the most, well-known manual brewer. Creates sediment but also a very easy and delicious brew.
Aeropress - great brewer for single cups. Take it on the road!
Beehouse Dripper - awesome and easy to use pour over brewer with a lower learning curve than the Hario V60
Chemex - a classic and beautifully designed brewer/server.

Automatic (Electric) Brewers

Bonavita Brewer - amazing brewer and a great price. A fantastic option for anyone at home.
Wilfa Precision Brewer - beautiful design with the capabilities of brewing great coffee.
Ratio Eight - another beautifully designed and easy to use home brewer that makes great coffee.
Brazen Plus - Unlike most brewers here, this one has a programmable timer that can start your coffee when you're not around.