Coffee Grinders

If you want to get great coffee, it's worth spending the extra money. The grinder is the most important tool you can buy for your coffee.

Below are some of the best grinders for home use available.

Electric Coffee Grinders

In my opinion, the company making the best home grinders out there.
Encore - the perfect introductory filter coffee grinder
Preciso - an amazing home grinder capable of both filter and espresso grind settings
Vario - the more advanced model of the Preciso.

Manual (Hand) Grinders

A great hand grinder for home and travel. It has a sturdy stainless steel housing so it can be thrown in your bag while on the road. It also has a good grind quality. Definitely recommended.
Makers of great manual coffee equipment, although their brewers and kettles are more commonly seen than their grinders.
Skerton -  A good hand grinder with adjustable grind size. Good for light home use.
Mini Mill - Lighter version of the Skerton. Good for light home use and traveling.