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33 pages, 8 full colour recipes, 3 charts and lots of instruction. 

Download this pdf to your smartphone or tablet (and place into the e-book library), use on your computer or print it off to read in bed. 
Instructions below. 

This book includes step-by-step recipes for:

  1. The Aeropress Coffee Maker
  2. Chemex Coffee
  3. Regular coffee makers (the electric ones)
  4. Pour over coffee
  5. and more

How to install on your device:

  1.  To use on an iPhone or iPad: after downloading, when viewing the pdf, select "open in iBooks", or whichever ebook reader you're using. This will add it to your ebook library.

  2. To use on Android devices: when prompted, choose to open in Google Play Books, or whichever ebook reader you're using. This will save Put The Coffee On to your ebook library.

  3. To Use on a Computer: Open in any pdf viewer such as Acrobat Reader