PUT THE COFFEE ON - pdf download

PUT THE COFFEE ON - pdf download


Make better coffee. 
This short guide focuses on just what you need to make better coffee. 
How much coffee to use? How should I store my coffee? What kind of grind setting? 
All of this and more in Put The Coffee On.

33 pages (8 with full colour recipes, 3 reference charts and 14 pages breaking down the basics of brewing great coffee)

There are step-by-step recipes and tips for:
Automatic Brewers
French Press
Hario V60

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Whether this is your first foray into brewing coffee or you are just tired of lackluster brews, this book will be your field guide and quick reference book in your quest for better coffee.

Put The Coffee On is a step back from coffee guides that can be overly technical for beginners, while not being so simplistic as to be useless in practice.

Making good coffee at home isn’t as difficult as most people may think, and I do believe there are a lot of people who would enjoy coffee more than they realize. I’m proud to say that I’ve made a few non-coffee drinkers into studied, meticulous coffee fiends. And happy to say that I’ve helped a lot of people realize enjoyment out of something that seemed so ordinary. Through this book I'm hoping to help a whole lot more.


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This book doesn't discuss espresso, it only covers filter coffee making.